It’s a fair deal for both sides, and that first Seahawks-49ers game can’t get here soon enough.

None of them provided anything more than short-term success (at best) for various reasons ranging from injury to simply not being as good as hoped.

In the process, some of the best years in future Pro Football Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson’s storied career elapsed without a Super Bowl appearance. The same goes for other Vikings standouts no longer in the league like Chad Greenway, Jared Allen and Kevin Williams.

Minnesota was running the same risk of letting another window close on a new generation of defensive stalwarts by not having a difference-maker under center. That became evident in last season’s NFC title game when Keenum came crashing back to earth in a blowout loss at Philadelphia.
The contract, according to reports, is really a one-year, $9 million deal with incentives.

If Sherman makes the Pro Bowl in 2018, the Niners will pay him $3 million and trigger $16 million in guarantees over the next two seasons.

General manager John Lynch & Co.

would be assuming some risk by paying Sherman through his age-32 campaign, but the structure of the deal allows the Niners to stay out of danger if Sherman doesn’t return to form.

History teaches us that the Mariners will try, and that, somehow, misfortune will befall them. There’s no underlying metric telling us that the Mariners are trapped in a Metsian version of “Groundhog Day,” that they’ll keep tripping over their own shoelaces until the eventual heat death of the universe. At some point, they will break through.

It just looks unlikely that it will be this year, or any year in the near future. This may be the final chapter of this version of the Mariners. Dipoto may want to do his best to make this chapter as strong as he can. The sequel is probably a long way off.

RB Isaiah Crowell, Jets Grade: C- In a league in which the Patriots and Eagles rode a flotilla of low-cost running backs to the Super Bowl, the Jets appear insistent upon having two veteran backs making meaningful money at all times.

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