Nashville expected to be named 2019 NFL draft host at owners meetings

Nashville, Tennessee, is expected to be named host of the 2019 NFL draft at this week’s owners meetings in Atlanta, league sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Monday.

The league’s spring meetings are May 22-23.

I go out there and play baseball. I’m not getting distracted by any of this, said Machado, dressed in a Gucci wool cardigan adorned with tiger heads. “All these talks, rumors, they’re all rumors and talks. At the end of the day I got to go out there and perform and win games for this ballclub. We’re trying to make a push for things and we’re a little behind, but we’ve got to keep pushing forward.”

Mikhail Sergachev held the puck in the zone, sent it to Ondrej Palat, who backhanded it to Alex Killorn in the middle of three Capitals defenders, who slid it past goalie Braden Holtby.

It was six seconds after the penalty kill. It was six seconds that turned a golden chance for Washington in Game 4 on Thursday night at Capital One Arena to take control of this series into a wasted one. Instead, the Lightning evened the conference finals at 2-2 with a 4-2 win against the Capitals.

“I can call it what it is. It’s a missed opportunity. If we get one at home, it’s a different series,” said forward Tom Wilson, after a game that saw the Capitals tilt the ice with 65 shot attempts to 45 for the Lightning.

“You gotta stay positive. It could be more frustrating if it was the other way around: that they outplayed us and we got no looks and blah blah blah. We’re confident in our game. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy, and all those clichés. We were pretty happy with our game, outside of a couple of bounces.”

“I’ve received my 21 st offer and schools have been coming in and out lately checking on me,” he said. “Things are going great.”

How dumb does this allegedly smart man think the rest of us are?

Over and over again during Patricia’s seven-minute news conference after the Detroit News uncovered a 1996 grand jury indictment for aggravated sexual assault, he made two things abundantly clear.

The first was that he believes he was falsely accused. The second is that he did not believe that accusation, which wasn’t just hearsay but an actual arrest and formal charge, was something he was duty bound to disclose with potential employers as he rose the ranks and became an inevitable head coaching candidate.

The allegation didn’t seem to impact Patricia’s coaching career, if anyone knew about it at all. From a fledgling career as an engineer to football at Amherst, then Syracuse, then the New England Patriots, Patricia said it wasnever an issue when interviewing for jobs. Patriots coach Bill Belichick released a statement indicating the team was not aware of the matter which recently came to light and praised Patricia for having great integrity.

We broke the storyPenn was named a suspect in an April 29 incident when cops were called to his L.A. home to respond to a call about an altercation with his wife.

Cops were told Penn got handsy and, at one point, he allegedly poured a drink on her head.

Later, both Penn and his wife denied the altercation ever turned physical.

But once Patricia got on the fast track to becoming a head coach within the past couple years, the idea he would lack the self-awareness to anticipate his past resurfacing is simply not believable.

I’ve interviewed for a lot of jobs and, again, interviewing for jobs in engineering right after this happened it was never an issue, it never came up as anything because it was dismissed and I was innocent, Patricia said.

So it’s never been part of any process I’ve been involved with before.

Should he have done it? Putting it another way, would you have?

With 11 seconds remaining and the ball, the Celtics elected to take the clock all the way down and tried to spring Jaylen Brown off a stagger screen. Instead, Rozier, the third-year guard starting due to Boston’s injuries, drove when Eric Bledsoe hedged high to close the passing lane to Brown (whom the Bucks had switched on a screen to cover anyhow).

When Bledsoe raced to recover, Rozier stepped back and had all sorts of space behind the arc, drilling the would-be game winner with less than one second remaining.

Even though Murray didn’t put up the points on Saturday, the Sooners have been privately optimistic that with him running the show, they won’t skip much of a beat offensively despite graduating a Heisman Trophy winner who headlined the nation’s top offense on the way to leading them to the College Football Playoff.

But even after the injury bug raided the pantry this season, the Celtics are eager to show that the cupboards aren’t exactly bare.

LARKIN CHUCKLES NOW recalling how, just days after finalizing his deal with the Celtics, Ainge traded for Irving.

Welington Castillo (R), 49.8 percent, Chicago White Sox vs. Seattle Mariners (RHP Felix Hernandez): Castillo has been quiet since his two-homer April 2 output, but this could cure his woes.

Garcia said in March he had been cleared to return, but the Patriots apparently had a different opinion.

The Patriots are looking for options to replace left tackle Nate Solder (who split for the money with the Giants), and traded for Trent Brown to compete along with rookie Isaiah Wynn and others.

Patricia, based on his comments from Thursday, believes he was falsely accused, and that he did nothing wrong. If that’s the case, Patricia spent several months in 1996 constantly worrying about what would happen if the case went to trial, surely obsessing over everything from whether to testify, whether he’d be able to handle aggressive cross-examination, whether the jury would see his side of the case, whether the judge would be fair to him, and what will happen if he’s convicted of something he didn’t do?